Forked Logic

"The real treasure was the friendship you gained." The wizard spoke sagely. "What bullshit, " replied the rogue.

Cover Image for "The real treasure was the friendship you gained." The wizard spoke sagely. "What bullshit, " replied the rogue.

"Don't be a dick Zen."

"Everytime with that soft ass carebear stuff."

"All of you shut up. We've got one shot at this. Is everybody clear on the plan? I'm going to go over it one more time regardless, so if you're not sure, listen up."

They'd been amassed in the giant doorway of the Grand Throne Room of Al'Kazol for about a half an hour. There were feasts strewn around, a couple of tents, and a robot with an anvil.

"The biggest thing we have to to worry about is the Flame Wave. Rogues you have to make sure to kill the biggest group of minions. Wherever the minions die we need to stack to avoid the wave. Other than that snipers and wizards focus down the lingering spirits and ask the gods that I can keep the big bastard focused on me."

Vellon had been their leader since the start of the expedition. He was a fierce warrior and a demanding commander. His father, the first king of New Nuralon, had won the original war with the vicious jungle trolls and developed their kingdom into a great and noble contributor to the peace of the realm. When the trolls, on the backs of their new allies the dragons, had rained havoc down on the great king's funeral, Vellon knew his only option was to assemble the greatest fighting force the world had ever known. And he had done just that, searching out the most elite fighters, healers, and mages the world had to offer, and convincing them to fight by his side.

They had battled fiercely and were on the cusp of outright victory. All that stood before them was the great queen of the dragons, Zellexia. Vellon knew this was the battle that would cement his legacy, and he could taste the victory he had dreamed of for so long. His confidence was born of preparation and discipline, combined with an undeniable feeling of destiny. This was his moment. As he turned to face the great dragon, he felt the strength of his ancestors at his side, and a calm fell over him.

Just as he was about to raise his sword and begin the charge, there was a crash behind him. He unsheathed his sword and turned just in time to see a flash of golden armor and green skin racing past him.


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